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Olio Nuovo New Harvest Olive Oil
  • Olio Nuovo New Harvest Olive Oil

    Olio Nuovo is the freshest olive oil, cold-pressed right after the harvest. We adopt early harvest to obtain a very intense taste and higher levels of polyphenols. The oil is unfiltered so it has a cloudy and thick consistency because of suspended olive particles.


    Our signature Olio Nuovo - New Harvest Premium Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from olives from the Il Paretajo estate. The olive groves are located at an altitude of 500 meters in Valdarno, in the heart of Tuscany between Chianti and Pratomagno. 


    The final product has been meticulously balanced by our olive oil sommelier by selecting and blending the best harvest from the estate.


    Cultivar and Characteristics


    Each vintage of olive oil has unique characteristics, tastes and fragrances depending on the harvest. Due to the use of natural farming methods, the climate and other environmental variables have a direct impact on the olive fruits harvested each autumn.


    The harvest from Il Paretajo Estate is mainly of the Leccino and Frantoio cultivars. The oil is bright green in colour, and has delicately balanced aromatic notes of artichoke, tomatoes, and fresh-cut grass. It has medium to intense fruitiness with a clear structure, displaying typical terroir of Tuscan olive oil.

    • Pre-Order 2023 Harvest

      2023 New Harvest Olio Nuovo is expected to be shipped in November 2023.

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